The Future of Vietnam is Very Bright

The Future of Vietnam is Very Bright

There are some of the cyclical moderations going on and around the globe upon the economic aspects. But Vietnam has held a strong outlook in this perspective! Vietnam is currently experiencing impeccable growth with its economy. And, with such laws, the foreigners are also keen to invest in the development aspects in Vietnam.

This article is all about elaborating to you how the future of Vietnam is turning out to be real bright, especially for the commercial real estate industry.

Increasing Surge for Real-Estate Developments

With the economic growth of Vietnam experiencing an immense growth boost, the count of real estate developments has increased on a larger scale since 2016. With the massive surge of development in terms of real estate, the infrastructure necessities for the tourist cities have also increased. Vietnam has always invested in strengthening the tourist attraction aspects within the country. Hence, it has become one of the major sources of the country’s economy. Vietnam welcomes over 13 million foreigners during the first nine months of 2019.

The major counts of visitors to Vietnam are mostly from China, Japan, South Korea, and other Northeast Asian countries. These visitors are not just tourists but are also keen to invest in commercial properties in Vietnam for their affordability and convenience. As more people come to this country every year, the need for accommodation and hotels increases on a larger scale. And that is again increasing the demand for commercial hospitality spaces and businesses.

Along with that, the local demands have also grown for commercial real estate as Vietnam entrepreneurs are willing to put in their money onto healthy investments. With the stable growth of the Vietnam economy, the commercial property sector has a positive outlook for the future in Vietnam. It is possible, only with the strong economic conditions of the country that is ever rising.

The major sources of stability that have boomed Vietnam’s economy are the strong tourism sector and the increased consumer spending aspects. As per the commercial real estate records are concerned in Vietnam, the hospitality sector is the fastest growing amongst all.

Apart from that, the banking, manufacturing, office, and IT sectors are also expected to give a boost to demands of commercial properties in Vietnam. The demand for co-working spaces has also increased in recent times and is giving up some amount of hopes amongst the industry for increasing the growth aspects.

There is also a surge witnessed in the retail sector. Many new brands are now willing to set up stores and are looking for options to start their business in Vietnam. They intend to put up new options or concepts for the people of Vietnam within the local market. Hence, with the ideology of attracting more visitors, these retail brands are also looking for ideal real estate properties to commence with their business in Vietnam.

Future Aspects of Vietnam for the Next Decade

Vietnam is on the right track for increasing its economy on a higher toll. Vietnam has a strong economic policy and has a high foreign investment aspect for which the monetary balance is considered in the country.

Vietnam is not considered a frontier market anymore but as a powerful country with an economic shift. With the government of Vietnam proposing the idea of opening up the country for foreign companies or workers to come in and support start-up businesses, the future growth is going to get sustained.

The Vietnam cities are now becoming the center of innovation that is supposedly meant for encouraging new businesses to open up their stores, offices, and industries to run operations and help the country grow impeccably. And the need for commercial properties would increase in the process.

COVID did hamper the supply chains and resulted in many businesses shutting down. The major problem was the trade restrictions as the flights were suspended and the price hike of air freight. With it, the tourist flow reduced, and the businesses were destined to operate from home.

The year did have an adverse impact upon Vietnam, but the country is strong enough to handle such downfalls. The country has learned from it and is intending to implement smarter, effective, and efficient moves to ensure that the businesses evolve and grow to recover the losses.

It is believed that the entrepreneurs in Vietnam are willing to look for more opportunities to improve the potential of their small businesses for ensuring higher income rates, bringing in more opportunities for the native and foreign workers, and enhance sustainability. With all of these aspects, you can evidently expect Vietnam to have a bright future in the coming years


An impeccable rate of growth for the country is what is giving the commercial real estate sector of the country a little extra push towards increased demands. Tourism is intended to help maximize the hotel real estate segment in the country, and the respective companies would eventually be focusing upon that.


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