Sustainable development required in Galway and all of Ireland

The Population of the globe has been increasing rapidly which tends towards the industrialization to meet the needs of people. It has indicated the new challenge for the current era which is sustainable development. Sustainable development is the meeting of human needs and development goals without compromising the ability of future generation. Building a new town or city without destroying the ecosystem and environment is the example of sustainable development. Similarly, the Construction Industry is a highly demanding sector and one of the largest industry in the world. It has the highest investment, employment and share in GDP. Consequently, the impact of the construction industry on the environment seemed to be considerable. Particularly, air pollution, loss of agriculture land, loss of non-renewable energy resources and the loss of forest and wildlands.

Every part of the world is facing a different challenge in sustainable development. Ireland has also recognised the importance of achieving environment, social and economic sustainability. A sustainable society maintains a green and healthy environment and improves resource efficiency. Being a sustainable society, we should take responsibilities for sustainable development and save the future of the next generation. Similarly, the construction industry is the most developed industry in Galway and all of Ireland. The construction industry is one of the major exploiters in the world. So, there is some challenge which required to concentrate on the sustainability of the environment while working in the construction industry of Ireland.

It is growing evidence that the soil has been seriously eroded, particularly since the industrial revolution has come. Therefore, there is a need for sustainable construction to save the erosion of soil. Its consequence is an irreversible degradation of plant, ecosystem, resources and quality of life.

In the current modern era, human beings are associated with rapid economic development and they have changed their priorities which result from overexploitation of renewable resources such as land, forest and exhaustion of non-renewable resource such as fossil fuels. So, we have to promote sustainable construction to protect renewable resources.

The generation of carbon dioxide, ozone layer depletion, contamination air, water pollution and land pollution are responsible for the weakening of the whole ecosystem. We can protect our ecosystem by relying on renewable resources on energy while working in the construction industry.

Furthermore, sustainable construction is needed to access the performance and impact on the environment. For this purpose, we have to address the environmental issues like population growth, use of non-renewable resources, global warming, urbanization, pollution and geopolitical problems etc. Similarly, there will be considerable effort required to highlight the requirement for sustainable construction.

Finally, there is a need to maintain the equilibrium that has been disturbed. Population expansion their increase in consumption pattern and reduction in carbon storage capacity are the main critical threat. The construction industry is the main contributory in the weaking of ecosystem. Therefore, we need to improve sustainable construction and address its importance to the people.


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