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PassFab Screen Recorder 1 Installer download

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With PassFab Screen Recorder you can record everything on your computer. It is really powerful because it has a recording screen, webcam recording and a photo for all your shooting needs.


Take screenshots and a webcam without time

Record screens, microphone and speaker without

Capture your webcam and computer screen

Record video of the game, video and video with instructions, etc. for FREE

Compatible with all webcams, microphones and speakers

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recording tool for recording any video or sound on your computer and storing it in high quality. This powerful video screen capture software can help you recover network and audio movies, record games, create video guides, record videos from webcam, screen capture, n.k. in Windows 10/8/7.

Record videos on a high quality screen

Screen capture software helps you capture almost any video on the screen you want. You can use it to stream videos online, games, podcasts, web, lectures, presentations, Skype calls, online meetings, web videos, n.k. full screen or normal screen size.

You can also display cursor movement to capture your work screen for easy tracking. In addition, true HD “Blue-light” video encoding technology will ensure better picture quality and sound quality. The recorded video can be saved as an MP4 or WMV file for easy viewing in VLC Player or free sharing with friends.

Record video online

With this screen capture software, any video on the network can be recorded. So there is no need to go through tons of video download results in software search results.

Record the game

You can record your success in the game to share with your friends or improve your playing skills by recording the actions of your competitors.

Screencast camcorders with webcams

This skreencast software allows you to record and store video from your webcam to your computer. You can view your Skype or TeamViewer conversations at any time.

Make video guides

It will record your activities on your computer. To make your video clearer and more professional, you can display the mouse pointer in standard sizes and colors.

Advanced screen recorder settings

With this recorder, you can choose to record the screen with your sound system or microphone, or both. In addition, you can record both the computer screen and the webcam at the same time. If you have more than one display device, you can also select the screen you want to capture.

You can also use the recording time option to select when you want to stop recording the computer screen. You can also use the cursor option to display the cursor and click the color of your choice. All of these advanced features can help you achieve professional Windows screen capture.

Take a screenshot

While watching a recorded video, you can capture a screen with a recording screen.

Shortcut button

With the shortcut key you can start and stop a simple touch with the keyboard.

On-screen broadcast quality

You can also set the output format, video quality, and number of frames before shooting.

What’s up:

Update: The official website does not provide any information about changes to this version.

PassFab Screen Recorder 1

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