How the homelessness crisis has only got worse in Ireland

Home is where the heart is. Do you remember this famous Elvis Presley song? Every person in this world loves to return to their respective home of the day.  So, what is that special thing when the word ‘home ‘strikes in your mind? Are you thinking about building, cosy spaces or you are thinking of other things like security, love, family, warmth and food?

For many, home is that space where they can sleep peacefully. The problem of homelessness is an enormous challenge that the world is facing right now. Almost, 2 out of 10 families either are homelessness or rather sleeping in the streets. Homelessness is the next enormous threat in Ireland.

Understanding the Root Causes of Homelessness in Ireland

Homelessness in Ireland is crucial to challenging the clichés and has become one of the critical issues in Irish society.

The causes that have led to homelessness in Ireland are categorical of three types, and they are: structural, institutional and personal. Now, let us have a look in each of these causes one by one briefly.


The cause of Structural relates to nationwide socio-economic issues. This problem results from the policies by the government and is not limited to any individual.

The structural causes of homelessness arise because of economic downfall or few social and modest prices houses.


Though the institutional causes do not have a link to the individual’s personality, it is affecting a large number of Irish people. Many children in Ireland are exiting the State care homes because of lack of funds.


These are specifically the challenges that a person may face during his lifetime. Few personal challenges are like family split-up, mental problems, or relationship that are disdainful.

The Exact Cause in Reality

To identify the root cause of homelessness in Ireland, it is essential to point out the person who is facing the issue. A thorough study of the current scenario is the main focal point instead of concentrating on homelessness.

If a recession hits the country, and a person loses his/her job. (structural)

Ending up of the individual’s marriage and leaving the home. (personal)

Not getting a job, lack of a social and reasonable home, and ending up being homelessness.

Government efforts in solving Homelessness Problem in Ireland

The Irish Government is allocating €1.1 billion to build more social housing for the Irish people.  Besides this, they are adding another €20 million for homeless services in solving homelessness in Ireland.

The Finance Minister of Ireland stated in a statement they will bring a sum of €166 million on the homelessness services in 2021. This will help the people in emergency accommodation and bringing a few preventative measures in eradicating the problem.

The government is also allocating additional funding of €1.1 billion to support social housing and assuring the delivery of 11,000 of social in the coming next year. The Irish Government is also trying to add further 12,000 by 2021. For this purpose, they will provide another €80 million in the Housing Assistance Payment scheme in 2021.


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