How can Property Management Companies solve Homelessness in Ireland?

Over the generations, the Irish community considered affordable buildings as the foundation of their economy along with government policy. A few years back, Ireland was on top in terms of homeownership rates.

Recently, the problem of homelessness has grappled the country, and that has left its economy to fight against this worst crisis. As a result, there is a large dip in the homeownership rates, and homelessness and eviction are on the continuous rise.

This has become one of the most debatable topics in the country. Many people are taking the help of streets to protest, while some are taking part in political campaigns. This has led Dublin as the world’s most exorbitant places to live.

Several owner management companies have outlined to throw away the acute problem in the kitchen sink.

Land Zoning

Rezoning brings tremendous financial gains to the homeowners. Dozens of builders have captured many lands forcefully, specifically in and around Dublin. This has nothing to do with meeting the needs of housing demands. As a result, the developers have gained maximum profits through these hoarded lands.

The illegal practice needs a stop by the local body through stricter laws and restrictions. The land that is already zoned requires permission to gain through a compulsory purchase order (CPO). This is common in the UK.

Cutting Through Red Tape

For building an apartment near a public transport hub, it doesn’t require a specific underground parking space. Resorting to other regulations can help in bringing down the building costs. Though never compromise on safety precautions.

The downfall of London’s famous Grenfell tower inferno in one such lively example. This building should have some specific fire doors that would have probably cut costs. If it had fire sprinklers, it could stop the fire from spreading.

Restrict abuse of Airbnb

The other primary reason that has led to rising rents is the overuse of private properties through Airbnb and other such channels. As a result, there is a tremendous reduction in the supply of accommodation.

Many cities like London or Berlin have already put restrictions on the overuse of private dwellings. Several hotels can pay a surcharge similar to other countries, or they could even ban this practice.

The requirement of streamline planning

Balancing between the residents and local stakeholders to build more apartments in places of requirement can also solve the problem. Many property management companies have already in the process of building 100 plus apartments. Though, the Irish Planning Institute has come up intending to develop a body that can effectively manage these buildings through legislative housekeeping. Another major requirement is to announce an official National Planning Guidance and Planning and Development Act. These bodies should effectively solve all the problems related to planning.

Convenient change of Process

The Irish Planning Institute has come up with an idea to transform commercial buildings into residential use. In the UK, this is more common in the locations that fall under prime locations. This area should fall under “exempted developments”.

The Planning Institute also holds the view this should come under the Living City tax incentive program. This would ensure the strengthening of urban areas.


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