Heads-up Galway – Have You Been Facing These Issues With Your Property Management Company?

Horror stories about property management in Galway are not hard to find. Not sure? See how Google is helping people know the real face of deluding property management companies by showing the visitors’ 1-star reviews. If you’re from around this city, you have probably heard or experienced a list of issues with a property management company.

Property management is not an easy job to handle. However, it is still a service-oriented industry, and your property management company must know your best interest. You expect proper maintenance exceeding the industry standards. It is also essential to acknowledge when what may or may not be beyond a property manager’s hold. But when things get messy you, you seek for a professional yet proficient management company that is on it!.


What problems you might have experienced with the property management companies in Galway?

1. Low market rents

Rents are the most significant profit stream for real estate investors. The rents should be in equation with the updated market rates to heighten your potential financial gain. Performing your own comps periodically will tell you if your property management company keeps up with the market.

You can also use real estate websites and apps to do the rental comps. There are days when low market rents are admissible; this should still be hashed out with your manager.

2. No review and no follow-up

Inspections are a primary task to be performed by property managers, and they should be done periodically for residential and commercial properties. However, most property management companies in Galway don’t provide routine inspections.

3. Confused vibes from the company

Do you talk to a different person whenever you call your property management company? Do you get different answers to a single question? Do you need to ask more? Over-staffing and staff volume is another big problem here in Ireland.

4. Hidden Charges

Hidden charges are a real fuss in many industries. But when your investments are at risk, hidden charges are much tricky to absorb. You should go with a property management company that is up-front with their heads, and don’t hesitate to discuss it.

5. Placing a not so good tenant

Placing bad tenants is another crude mistake which is made by inexperienced property managers. You can’t avoid the nightmare stories if you are a landlord. Even after the strict screening touchstones, some tenants are just a stroke of bad luck. However, you can handle it with only an expert property management company in Ireland.

Final verdict

If you have never engaged a property manager for fear of having plenteous problems, put your trust in us for once, and we guarantee you honest and devoted property management servicesin Ireland.


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