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Business Development Management

A business development manager is an individual who works closely with an organization to improve and grow up present business status. They are the professionals who build up relationships with the customers, suppliers, employees, and other members of the company. A BDM tries to check out the new opportunities to increase the revenue, make a relevant change to enhance the profitability, and overall working objective with a common goal of providing immense benefits to an organization revenue.

What do Residential Property Management companies do for your Residential property?

As the Business Development management service has become a major aspect in getting a company to a higher extent, If you do not have your own team to do so then it is better to get the work done by outsourcing it. This is a great choice as it will be a more affordable option than the cost as compared to the traditional method of hiring an in-house team which can arise to set up a new department and hire more employees. Also, there will be a lack of specialization in most cases. With a survey done in 2020, Business development services have become a great choice to adopt for the companies especially if it a small business or startup with a 10-20 person team.

The Concerned person identifies the possible opportunity to build up a new market, reach out to new potential customers, upcoming trends and products, partnership with other businesses.

The BDM also needs to do cold calling and generating leads for the company’s benefit.

Prepare a base to build up customers and clients to interact with them.

It works closely with a product manager for improving customer satisfaction.

Why should you Hire an External Business Development Manager?

Easy to select the market opportunity:

If the company needs a new market possibility with a great opportunity to increase revenue then by having an external BDM, a company can test new market research and can launch the product or services to that market to get more sales.

Reaching out to the maximum number of customers:

If you want to reach out to more customers then this is the service for you. The reason being, business development services provide a quality customer base after doing proper research.


​ This is the best thing about outsourcing BD to the consultant firm as it is beneficial for startups and small businesses in terms of cost.

Growing company:

When more customers will come to the company for acquiring certain services or products the more revenue will generate. Also, the vendors and suppliers will start contacting with super offers and this will help the company to grow its establishment. So, having an own business development team can be complex than outsourcing for a business development manager. If you are looking for one, JCMC property consultants can help, We arrange all the tasks accumulated with developing business for your venture